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 Fall 2015 Newsletter

* Welcome Back! *

* Jeremy Barousse,  Community Outreach Coordinator/Policy Associate in San Jose, and elected president of EEEF, presents the following sentiments.

Dear Friends,

After several days of sales ads, spending, and shopping, Giving Tuesday is an opportunity to give back to organizations that make impact in our communities, and I am reaching out to you in hopes that you would support an organization that I care much about.

I serve as a board member for the Evergreen Elementary Education Foundation (EEEF), and over the last 5 years, we have raised approximately 225,000 to keep libraries open in Evergreen School District, as well as supplemented funding for the district’s common core program.

This Giving Tuesday, I ask if you can help continue our efforts to support Evergreen School District by making a contribution to EEEF by clicking on this link: http://eeef.org/donate/

On behalf of EEEF, I want to thank you for your consideration, and wish you and your family a warm holiday season!

Yours In Community,

Jeremy Barousse


EEEF Donation Drive: Got Libraries?

Please help EEEF keep library services for the next school year. Please turn in your donation form with cash or check in an envelope to your school office, or donate online.

Fall, 2013

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EEEF always needs volunteers to assist with these fundraising events! If you would like to help your school with one of these fundraisers, please sign up or contact us at volunteer@eeef.org. Sponsors and donors, please see the Donate or Business Partner pages, or e-mail us at info@eeef.org.


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