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Fall, 2013 -

Continuum_solar_car  Direct Donation Drive

Pennies for Education

Funds will be collected at the school offices. All proceeds will help restock library books and materials.

EEEF always needs volunteers to assist with these fundraising events! If you would like to help your school with one of these fundraisers, please sign up or contact us at contactus@eeef.org. Sponsors and donors, please see the Donate or Business Partner pages, or e-mail us at info@eeef.org.


EEEF Donation Drive: Got Libraries?

Please help EEEF keep library services for the 2012-13 school year in all 18 schools in the Evergreen School District. For $695,932 we can keep ALL school libraries open four days a week. EEEF donated $100,000 last year, in addition to $50,000 the previous year! Please turn in your donation form with cash or check in an envelope to your school office, or donate online.
   The 2012-2013 EEEF Business Partner Program, “I Care to Share,” is ongoing. Business partners will receive benefits at each partner level. See the BPP page on our site.


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