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To retain quality education at Evergreen schools, we would greatly appreciate your generous donation of $75 per child. For more details, please download the 2013 – 14 Donations Flyer. All cash, check or credit card donations are warmly welcomed!

  • Payments can be sent to this address:
    xxxEvergreen Elementary Education Foundation
    xxxP.O. Box 730696
    xxxSan Jose, CA 95173-0696
    xxxEmployer Identification Number (EIN):  27-3031637
  • Alternatively, use PayPal to make a donation online in single or multiple payments using any major credit card or bank account. All payments are processed directly by PayPal over a secure encrypted connection. PayPal will never disclose your private personal or financial information to EEEF.
  • Company matches are strongly encouraged. Check out how with your company’s HR department.

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