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Frequently Asked Questions

I donate generously to our school PTA, classrooms, and other school programs.  Why should I donate to EEEF?
Fundraising at the local school level provides essential resources for arts, music, sports, etc.  However, funds raised at the local school level cannot be used for core academic programs due to state and district rules.  Teachers, academic counselors, library services, etc. must be funded at the district level.  EEEF was founded specifically to provide supplemental funds to the school district in support of critical academic programs.

What percentage of donations goes to the school libraries? What percentage goes to the administration of EEEF?
The EEEF intends to donate 100% of its proceeds to the district for its school libraries. Nothing goes to our administration, since we are all volunteers. Expenses (T-shirts, prizes for the kids, taxes) are covered by our general fund; some services are provided by local businesses. Last year, we handed the district a check for $50K. This year, we hope to give even more.

Why would it cost $695,000 to keep the libraries open? Could we not consider some kind of volunteer effort across the schools?
This sum would pay media assistants and maintenance for 18 school libraries, four days per week, for one school year. These workers are credentialed, fingerprinted, and unionized: they must be vetted and hired by the school district. No volunteers allowed!

My financial situation is not very good now.  What can I do to support the EEEF?
Economic times are tough!  We understand not everyone is in a position to make a large donation.  Please consider making a smaller donation, or use the scheduled payment option on the donation page. Volunteers are also highly sought. Any amount of time and money you can donate will make a big impact.

Hi, I like your web site. Could you please send the latest API scores for all the 18 schools?
Sure! Please follow this link to the 2009 -10 Accountability Progress Reporting (APR) page of the CA Dept. of Education, Evergreen School District, and page down.

Please CARE for our community, SHARE your time and resources, and help EDUCATE our children.


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